The Approach


Our objective – provide guests with an unforgettable experience from the moment they arrive on property. We have created a seamless process for the next generation of waterpark adventure themed resorts – from concept to completion to operations – Stand Rock’s team of industry leaders is creating and shaping experiential resort environments with authentic character.

Concept & Planning

Using available market data, we take a deep-dive into the numbers to identify the optimal destination for a new waterpark adventure themed resort- all while making sure that key stakeholders are on the same page by creating a solid partnership with city, county and state sponsor(s). 

By creating an exclusive conceptual design and defining financial responsibility for the development and operational model (which has been used countless times successfully by other resort properties) we ensure that resort guests receive a truly unique and authentic experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Development & Completion

The Development process takes a dedicated, hands-on approach, to ensure all aspects of the project meet the highest standards.

Two of the most important metrics to meet are timeline and budget. Our fine-tuned process ensures on time, on budget delivery of the resort for the operational team

Management & Operations

Our team consists of specialized and qualified experts of resort properties who are just as comfortable delegating work as they are getting their hands dirty.

The operational structure of our resorts is well defined and tested to ensure solid financial performance from day one, while delivering guest satisfaction into the foreseeable future.


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